Lemon Ginger

Pure black_Lemon Ginger.png

Crisp & Spicy

Cold pressed ginger naturally aids digestion while lemon juice restores vitamin reserves and balances your body pH

Use to prevent sickness, calm nausea, and aid digestion after a meal


Pure black_Scarlet Hibiscus.png

Beat the Heat

During my travels in the Middle East I stumbled across the amazing Hibiscus. During my time there we would sip on Hibiscus tea to cool down. I was told it was great for lowering blood pressure, weight loss and even fighting bad bacteria.

Raspberry is a local favourite of most of us.

Use to cool your body in the Hot Summers.

    Blueberry Passionfruit 

Pure black_Blueberry Passionfruit.png

Full & fruity

Green tea kombucha and cold-pressed blueberry and passionfruit juice are chalked full of antioxidants

Use as a energy boost and natural hangovers remedy

Blackberry Charcoal

Pure black_Blackberry.png

Smooth & Earthy

A unique green tea kombucha for the avid drinker. Packed with probiotics, antioxidants, and amino acids

Use to bolster your immune system and maintain a detoxified body


Pure black_Mojito Lime.png

Refreshingly Fresh

Utilizing locally sourced ingredients

We have incorporated fresh mint with fresh lime

Boosting your immune system, mental alertness and digestive aid.