Our Craft Kombucha Believes In the Challenge of Becoming Great.

When you choose to be active, eat organically, purchase locally, or to [insert literally anything else here]... when you think before making a decision, you’re choosing to live consciously.

We believe the most important thing you can do, is to think about what you do. Choosing to drink kombucha means more than choosing to be healthier (although few other beverages can say that). Drinking kombucha is a smaller part of a grand idea: the idea that making incremental improvements over time makes you, and your surroundings, drastically better. You're not just choosing to drink kombucha, you're deciding to be someone who makes better choices.

We set the standard for craft kombucha by only using premium organic ingredients. Our probiotics are fuelled with high-antioxidant, organic ingredients, low-caffeine green tea, and vegan-friendly cane sugar. We flavour with real cold-pressed fruits, and don’t use any chemicals or preservatives. Our hearty Siberian SCOBY spent generations in cold temperatures, and now flourishes in Vancouver’s climate. The end result is a deliciously full-flavoured, probiotic and antioxidant-rich health drink.

We make the best product possible so that it's easy for you to choose kombucha. This is how our Kombucha makes it’s own improvements in the world.