Every choice you make matters.

Whether you're choosing to be healthy, eat organically, purchase locally, limit your environmental impact, or to [insert literally anything else here]. When you think before making a decision, you are making the choice to live consciously.

We believe the most important thing you can do is to think about what you do. Choosing to drink kombucha means more than choosing to be healthier (although few alternatives can say that). Drinking kombucha is a small aspect of a grand idea: the idea that making incremental improvements over time makes you and your surroundings drastically better. You're not just choosing to drink kombucha, you're deciding to be someone who makes better choices.

All Standard Kombucha is made with organic ingredients, using a hearty SCOBY that creates a full flavour, nutrient rich health drink. We only use Grade AAA green tea in order to maximize flavour and antioxidant content. Standard Kombucha is coarse filtered to keep flavour and probiotics fully intact, and only distributed locally. This means that you're getting fresh tea with probiotics at the peak of their life. You're supporting the local economy, drastically reducing your carbon footprint, and building community within your own surroundings. 

We strive to make the best kombucha possible, so that it's easy for you to choose kombucha. This is how we make incremental improvements in the world.

But really, kombucha hardly has anything to do with it.